Morrisons blames lack of stock in Ripon store on faulty fridge
Last updated Dec 1, 2022
The closed off fruit and vegetable aisle in Morrisons Ripon this week.

Morrisons supermarket has blamed a faulty fridge on a lack of stock at its Ripon store.

Heather Rowlatt, a former staff member at the branch contacted the Stray Ferret this week, claiming more than one department was without produce.

She attached a photo of a closed-off fruit and vegetable counter and said there was also no meat, bread or bakery goods.

Ms Rowlatt said:

“My partner asked staff, but all they said was ‘I don’t know’. He had to shop elsewhere.”

It follows comments on community social media channels, which have questioned dwindling stock levels at Morrisons in both Ripon and Boroughbridge in recent weeks.

A Morrisons spokesperson said:

“After talking to colleagues at both stores, it seems that Boroughbridge haven’t reported any issues with stock, however the Ripon store have unfortunately had a broken fridge – which can be seen in the photo.

“I can confirm that this is all fixed and the Ripon store is fully stocked once again.”