New aesthetics clinic opens its doors in Harrogate
Aug 3, 2023
Michelle Clarke, director of HIFU Clinics UK.

A new aesthetics clinic has opened in Harrogate today – to offer skin tightening, slimming treatments and vaginal rejuvenation.

HIFU Clinics UK specialises in high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), so the treatments are non-surgical.

Michelle Clarke, who has been in the industry for 13 years and is the director of HIFU Clinics UK, says vaginal rejuvenation can be a “life-changing” treatment.

She told the Stray Ferret:

“We are now offering vaginal rejuvenation – changes happen in the female body after childbirth and menopause, so our treatments can help with things like dryness, bladder weakness and more.

“It’s not really talked about, a lot of people don’t even know you can get help for this, but this can be life-changing.”

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HIFU Clinics UK, which is now taking appointments for its new clinic on Westmoreland Street just off Skipton Road, opened its first clinic in Wakefield three years ago.

Ms Clarke said many of her clients were looking for a more natural look:

“Our clients can walk out down the street and to their families, without people knowing they have had any work done.

“They just look fresher and well-rested. So it is a completely different approach to other aesthetic clinics.”

The newly renovated clinic has two rooms for HIFU clients and will be renting out two of its other rooms to other high-end professionals, like beauticians or chiropractors.

While the clinic opened in Harrogate today, there will be an official opening event in September with demonstrations, drinks, canapes and special offers.