New group launches for Harrogate women with menopause


Last updated May 13, 2022
The first event will be held at Oatlands Community Centre

A proposal to set up a group for women dealing with symptoms of the menopause has received an “overwhelming” response from the community.

Vic Smith-Dunn, who runs Harrogate-based social enterprise MyLifePool, posted the idea on the group’s Facebook page this week.

Within just a couple of hours she had numerous comments from people saying it was desperately needed. With a date for its first meeting arranged, more than 25 people signed up straight away.

Vic said:

“When you go to your GP, they haven’t necessarily been given a full in-depth education about perimenopause. Being able to say, ‘is this a possibility?’ and ‘maybe I could do this or that?’ can be helpful, but where do you find the information in the first place?

“The idea of the group is to share information – it’s about women supporting women.”

The inspiration for the group came from Vic’s own experience of perimenopause, which she said left her worried about her health. However, speaking to other women going through the same thing gave her reassurance that hormonal changes were to blame for her symptoms, including loss of memory and depression.

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When the group first meets on May 25, biochemist and nutritionist Linda Le Floch from Quality Health Foods in the Westminster Arcade will give some tips on ways to manage symptoms.

There will also be opportunities for women to submit questions in advance or ask them on the night, and to share their own stories and advice about dealing with the impact of menopause.

The way the group operates will be guided by its members, who will be able to meet for coffee, nights out and other events as frequently as they wish.

Vic also hopes to put on a larger event in future, including information for husbands and partners supporting women through menopause. She said:

“My husband did a whole load of research and got to understand the hormone imbalance so he was able to explain to me what was going on. I just wasn’t able to do that at the time.

“Without that understanding, so many marriages break down because men don’t understand what their wives are going through – the women don’t always understand it themselves.”

To book a place at the event on May 25, click here.


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