New plans submitted for 35 homes in Harrogate’s Crimple Valley


Last updated Jun 20, 2022
Plan of proposed housing at Almsford Bank
Outline plans for the homes submitted in the planning application.

A new planning application has been submitted for 35 homes in the Crimple Valley to the south of Harrogate.

The outline application is for 14 affordable homes, seven first homes and 14 self or custom build plots at Almsford Bank Stables.

The site, which lies to the east of the A61 at the foot of Almsford Bank, is currently used for equestrian purposes, with stabling and barns.

Supporting information in the application said:

“It is proposed that the site will be developed for residential use through a combination of terraced cottages, semi-detached and detached dwellings.

“The density of the site has been determined to reflect the pattern of development throughout the surrounding area but also taking into account a variety of dwelling sizes in order to serve local demand.

“It is intended that the new dwellings will vary in height, making use of the existing contours and reflecting the density of the residential context to the north whilst allowing the edges of the development to take on a more rural scale.

“The use of traditional building materials – local sandstone and slate will help to reflect the local vernacular buildings and help soften the visual impact of the new development.”

The application includes information about the provision for self and custom build (SCB) homes, which it argues are in short supply in the Harrogate district.

It is the third application to build housing on the site, and is the first time the suggestion of SCB homes has been put forward.

The first proposal, in 2018, was for 65 homes and was withdrawn after 132 objections were submitted by members of the public.

The location of Almsford BankThe Almsford Bank site, outlined in red, is less than half of the area owned by the applicants.

In 2019, plans for 35 homes were submitted, including 21 open market houses and 14 affordable homes.

That application attracted more than 100 comments from members of the public, none of whom supported the plans. Many cited concerns about access to the site from a fast and busy road, as well as objecting to the development on land designated a special landscape area in the local plan.

The proposal was again withdrawn.

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All three applications have been put forward by Square Feet Ltd, whose registered address is on nearby Fulwith Mill Lane, and Antela Developments Ltd, two of whose three directors also live on Fulwith Mill Lane.

The new application said:

“The applicant’s ownership extends to an area of approximately 10 hectares. However, the development area extends to 4.4 hectares as a result of the parts of the site which are not considered to be suitable for development including woodland areas, land with steep gradients, flood zone areas and areas which are sensitive to change due to impact on openness and landscape value.

“The site has historically been in equestrian use with associated farmland, barns and stables. Development is only proposed on the northern part of the site, with the southern part of the site providing a significant landscaped area which will remain open.”

To view or comment on the plans, visit the Harrogate Borough Council planning website and use reference 22/02233/OUTMAJ.

A date for the application to be decided by the council has yet to be set.


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