New woodland created on the Stray in Harrogate
Last updated Nov 30, 2022
Tree planting on Stray
Council workers Josh Higgott and Kirsty Stewart at today's planting.

About 20 trees were planted on the Stray in Harrogate today as part of a scheme to create a new ‘pocket wood’.

The initiative, which took place during National Tree Week, aims to create a small woodland environment on the Stray, close to Skipton Road, that people can enjoy for generations.

Members of Harrogate branch of the union Unison joined staff from Harrogate Borough Council‘s parks and environmental services department to plant a variety of native trees, including elm and lime.

tree planting on Stray

An avenue of 12 apple and maple trees was created on the Stray near Christchurch. Nearby, close to Regent Parade, another eight trees were planted.

Sam Perry, Unison branch environment officer, said the semi-mature trees planted today would, alongside the more mature trees nearby, would turn the area into a dense copse of trees. He added:

“The grass underneath will be allowed to grow uncut and, in the future, the canopy will also be under planted with smaller shrubs or wildflowers to create an even more diverse new ecosystem.

“Our new community pocket wood is a gift to our wider community in Harrogate and an invitation to all who see it to grow more green spaces in the world and more green thinking in their minds.’

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