New world cuisine supermarket to open in Harrogate
Last updated Jul 19, 2023
All Nations Supermarket
The All Nations Supermarket on Skipton Road

A new world cuisine supermarket is set to open its doors in Harrogate.

The owners of the All Nations Supermarket hope to open the store in August.

The shop, which is based on Skipton Road in Bilton, used to be a Jewson branch before being leased to its new owners earlier this year.

All Nations Supermarket will offer a wide selection of food and produce from Asian, African, Middle Eastern and European cultures. Halal food will also be stocked.

Amjad Ali, director of the supermarket, said that he wanted to set up in Harrogate due to a high demand for ethnic foods in the town.

While Harrogate has some Polish shops there are currently very few Asian, African or Middle Eastern shops available for residents.

Mr Ali said:

“There are no other shops like this in Harrogate so we want to welcome all people to the supermarket and offer as much as we can”

He told the Stray Ferret that renovations are ongoing and there is still a lot of work to be done but hopes to open as soon as possible. He plans to announce a set opening date a week in advance on social media.

The supermarket has already seen interest from Harrogate locals, with a post on a community Facebook group, announcing the shop’s imminent opening being positively received.

One commenter said:

“This will be a huge success I think, we need something like this. I don’t think there’s anywhere locally with a proper range of Asian food.”

Mr Ali said he was hopeful for the future of All Nations Supermarket and added:

“I absolutely feel welcomed in Harrogate and have already received lots of positive comments about the shop”

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