No covid marshals in Harrogate district


Last updated Apr 28, 2021
A covid marshal in Bristol

Harrogate Borough Council has not employed any covid marshals and does not intend to do so — unlike many other local authorities.

Local authorities were awarded £30m by the national government in October for covid compliance and enforcement.

Harrogate Borough Council’s share was £58,000.

The government said one of the purposes of the funding was to recruit covid marshals, who do not have any enforcement powers but are there to “engage, explain and encourage best practice and national covid secure guidance”.

However the funding could also be spent on other covid measures.

Nearby local authorities in Leeds, York, Scarborough, Ryedale, Richmondshire and Selby have all employed marshals, who take to the streets wearing brightly coloured high-vis vests or jackets.

But none have appeared on Harrogate district streets.

A Harrogate Borough Council spokesperson said:

“We believe the most effective use of resource was to fund our specialist covid enforcement work, which included weekend joint patrols with North Yorkshire Police to provide advice and guidance.”

The spokesperson added it had no plans to recruit marshals in the future.

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The Daily Mail reported yesterday several councils in England are in the process of recruiting more covid marshals who are expected to take to the streets after lockdown measures end on June 21.

Hertfordshire County Council plans to recruit 60 marshals to ‘provide practical support to aid and encourage compliance’.


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