Otley Road cycle path will make life worse for pedestrians
Last updated Sep 10, 2021
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It’s wrong to say pedestrians welcome the Otley Road cycle path

I read the following quote in The Stray Ferret regarding the Otley Road cycle path: “The improvements will significantly benefit the community and help to create a better-connected and safer network for pedestrians and cyclists.”
Please could you tell me how the Otley Road cycle path will benefit pedestrians?  At the moment, the pavement all along Otley Road is for pedestrians only.
When the cycle path is introduced, pedestrians will have to share 58% of the pavement with cyclists.  Cyclists and pedestrians move at very different speeds and it is recommended that they should not be in the same space.
Much of the 58% of shared space is narrower than current regulations state is safe for shared use. How can this be safer for pedestrians than the current situation?
When discussing sustainable transport, cyclists and pedestrians are frequently grouped together and we are told that the changes will benefit both groups. The needs of these two groups are very different and it is time for this to be recognised. Harrogate District Cycle Action Group appears to have a great deal of influence on policy decisions, but who is fighting the corner for pedestrians?
Angela Dicken, Otley Road resident

Tewit Well and Sun Colonnade are just two examples of gross disrepair

Malcolm Neesam is in the news again regarding ‘the slovenly attitude of the authorities towards maintaining Harrogate’s attractions’.

I, and I’m sure a very great many others, absolutely agree. But it’s not just the Tewit Well and the Sun Colonnade that have fallen into gross disrepair — what about the similarly iconic bandstand at the rear of the Mercer Gallery, adjacent to the public toilets? Its dilapidated and abused state makes it a health and safety accident waiting to happen.

Why do the authorities not appreciate the role that these buildings play in attracting visitors to Harrogate and do something about restoring and/or maintaining them?

Agreed, the floral displays are exquisite and rewilding of parts of the Stray is a good idea. But our pavements are strewn with litter and we have to manoeuvre our way over damaged paving and around waste/recycling bins; changes to our road systems are thrust upon us even though they are having and will have serious repercussions; and there is irresponsible and intimidating behaviour in our public spaces and on our roads.

Would it be too much to ask the authorities, who we elected to represent us and whose wages we pay, to take into consideration our wants, needs and expectations in the way they manage Harrogate?

Isn’t a councillor’s primary role to represent those who live in their ward and provide a bridge between the community and the council? But maybe I expect too much and will just have to get on my bike…

Val Michie, Harrogate

The amount of litter in Harrogate is a disgrace

I agree entirely with David Pickering’s comments published in Stray Views on September 5. I would further add that not only the amount of litter is a disgrace in the town centre but also the filthy state of the pavements. Our town should be in pristine condition for visitor and residence alike.

Also, David’s commented on the state of the roads in Harrogate. Again I wish to add a request to North Yorkshire County Council that monies are allocated to improve the roads and allocate a patching gang to fill in the potholes. When potholes are marked in white, why does it take up to 90 days (many go over this time span) to repair them?

Also I would like to ask Harrogate Borough Council why there are weeds and plants growing in kerbs and gutters? What has happened to the mechanical road sweepers?

David James, St. Georges ward, Harrogate

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