Performance car experts offer free winter health-checks
Last updated Nov 23, 2023
Photo of Richard Nicholson and Will Mann of Flat 6 Automotive in Boroughbridge, with the Stray Ferret Promotions strap running along the bottom edge of the frame.
Richard Nicholson and Will Mann of Flat 6 Automotive in Boroughbridge.

The logo of Boroughbridge-based motor garage Flat 6 Automotive.

This story is sponsored by Flat 6 Automotive.

A garage in Boroughbridge that specialises in servicing Porsches is offering free winter health-checks for all makes of car throughout November. 

Flat 6 Automotive will check on every aspect of a car’s seasonal roadworthiness, including tyres, brakes, lights, battery and antifreeze, and will carry out any work that needs to be done, if the customer requests it. 

Director Richard Nicholson said: 

“Keeping your car in top condition is important at any time of year, but in winter it becomes absolutely crucial. A lot of drivers have an overly optimistic view of how prepared their car is for the cold weather. 

“For example, tyres can be worn, perished, misshapen or damaged. But your stopping distance doubles if you have just 3mm of tread left on your tyres instead of 6 or 7mm, and that gets even worse in wet or icy conditions. 

“The battery check is really important too. It takes a lot more power to start a car in cold weather, so in winter batteries often fail. A quick check can make sure you don’t end up getting stranded, unable to get home.”

Photo of Will Mann of Flat 6 Automotive in Boroughbridge, looking into the engine of a Porsche.

Will Mann works on a Porsche engine.

Richard founded Flat 6 Automotive with business partner Will Mann in May this year. Richard was previously a workshop manager at an independent Porsche garage for seven years, and Will completed an engineering degree with the McLaren F1 team.  

They met while both working at a local prestige car specialist and now aim to continue working on the high-end vehicles they have a passion for, while also applying their exacting standards to every other kind of car. 

Photo of Richard Nicholson of Flat 6 Automotive in Boroughbridge.

Richard Nicholson knows how a well-tuned engine should sound.

Richard said:  

“I always wanted to be the best at what I do – the person who people go to when they have a problem. Being workshop manager is the highest position you can get to in a garage, and after-sales is a step up from that. I’ve done both those, so the next step is running your own company. We’re ready for this and it shows – the work is coming in.” 

He added: 

“I’m a bit of a control freak. It doesn’t matter if I’m working on a 2010 Ford Fiesta or a 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, I give the same attention to detail to every car. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.” 

Click or tap here to find out more now or call 01904 439766 to book your FREE winter health-check at Flat 6 Automotive.

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