Pets Corner: could you give one of these North Yorkshire dogs a forever home?
Last updated Apr 10, 2024

The Harrogate Dog Show is taking place on Saturday, April 13, in front of  Victoria Shopping Centre, and attention will be on the pampered pets as they compete to win accolades in categories such as ‘Cutest Puppy’.

April is also officially National Pet Month – but there are many animals, including dogs, across North Yorkshire who are still waiting for their chance to find a forever home.

This month, the Stray Ferret has found a few furry faces to feature, from the RSPCA York, Harrogate & the District branch. All these dogs are currently available to adopt – although hopefully not for much longer.

(Image: RSPCA)

Name: Drizzle.

Age: 12 months.

Breed: Lurcher.

Sex: Male.

Likes: Plenty of adventures, and exciting walks.

Dislikes: Spending too much time alone. 

About: The RSPCA describes Drizzle as a ‘gorgeous dog’ who ‘loves to live life to the max.’ At 12 months old, he’s still got plenty of puppy energy and exuberance – but that can mean he sometimes forgets his manners, and can be a bit boisterous, especially with other dogs.

However, he’s got bags of potential and needs experienced adopters who will be able to help him along the way and give him lots of exercise – as well as the fuss and attention he deserves.

Find out more about Drizzle here.

(Image: RSPCA)

Name: Buster.

Age: 12 years old.

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Sex: Male.

Likes: Sitting on a lap for cuddles. 

Dislikes: Being left alone for long periods.

About: Don’t let his grey face fool you – Buster is 12 years fun, and still loves getting out and about on his daily walks.

Sadly, his beloved owner passed away which is how he ended up at the kennel, and he’s been having a tough time settling in. He’s affectionate with people and would benefit from joining a loving family soon.

Buster is sociable with other dogs and could live with a compatible companion after a successful meet at the centre, and he could also live with children aged 13 years and over.

Find out more about Buster here.

(Image: RSPCA)

Name: Henley.

 Age: 5 years old.

 Breed: Lurcher.

Sex: Female.

Likes: An endless supply of cuddles.

 Dislikes: Being apart from her people for too long.

 About: Sweet-natured Henley was cruelly thrown out of the back of a van before coming to the RSCPA, and while the culprits were never found, it hasn’t dampened her shine.

She’s a serious lover of snuggles, and is looking for an individual or a family with children over the age of eight to start her new life with.

While she can’t live with cats, small animals or small dogs, she is friendly with larger breeds on walks, and has previously lived with other lurchers.

Find out more about Henley here.

(Image: RSPCA)

Name: Cheddar.

Age: 3 years old.

Breed: Husky cross.

Sex: Male.

Likes: Hanging out with his favourite humans.

Dislikes: Being misunderstood.

About: Poor Cheddar has had a tough start to life and was brought to the shelter via an inspector who discovered his needs were not being met.

Cheddar needs will need experienced adopters who can tackle his insecurities and give him plenty of support to bring out the best in him.

Once he’s comfortable he is a very affectionate and loyal dog who will make a wonderful companion for the right person.

Find out more about Cheddar here.

(Image: RSPCA)

Name: Hedgehog.

Age: 14 months old.

Breed: Large crossbreed.

Sex: Male.

Likes: Socialising with other dogs.

Dislikes: New places which can be a bit intimidating at first.

About: Hedgehog is a ‘super friendly lad who can bring a smile to your face in an instant’, but unfortunately he missed out on the chance to properly be a puppy.

For this reason, he’ll need patient and experienced adopters who can make him feel comfortable in new situations, and can support him through some of his insecurities. Once bonded however, he’s a loyal and loving dog.

Hedgehog is a sociable boy, and relishes the company of other dogs – ideally he’ll be able to live with another confident dog in an adult-only home.

Find out more about Hedgehog here.

(Image: RSPCA)

Name: Lady.

 Age: Around 1 years old.

 Breed: Dobermann/Mastiff Cross.

Sex: Female.

Likes: Being active and getting lots of exercise.

 Dislikes: Meeting new people – especially children – at first.

 About: Lady is the definition of a gentle giant, as this nervous girl can find new situations and people quite frightening. However, once her confidence has built she’s a happy and playful pup, who loves to stay active.

She’ll need an adult-only household where someone is home most of the time, and who can help her realise the world isn’t so scary after all.

Lady is very good with other dogs and gains confidence around them so it would be beneficial if she could live with another neutered dog who can show her the ropes, and be a companion for her.

Find out more about Lady here.

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