Plan to convert former Harrogate working men’s club into apartments


Last updated Dec 22, 2021
The Harrogate National Reserve Club, East Parade, which has formally dissolved.

Plans have been submitted to convert a former Harrogate working men’s club into apartments.

The National Reserve Club, East Parade, formally closed in July following an unanimous resolution from its members last year.

The organisation had been registered as a working men’s club since July 11, 1913, when it was known as the Harrogate Battalion National Reserve of the West Riding of York Club.

Now, documents submitted by ID Planning to Harrogate Borough Council propose converting the building into two apartments.

According to the proposals, a three bedroom and two bedroom apartment would be built.

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ID Planning, which has submitted the plan on behalf of Ashleigh and Caroline Wells, said in its plans that the scheme would help a viable use for the building.

It said:

“The proposed development offers an opportunity to secure a long-term, viable use for the building while delivering two dwellings in a highly sustainable, brownfield location.”

Harrogate Borough Council will make a decision on the plan at a later date.

Although the closure of the National Reserve Club represented the end of an era, the district is still served by working men’s clubs.

Clubs are registered with the Club and Institute Union, which represents more than 1,600 societies across the country.

According to the CIU website, nine clubs are affiliated with the union in the Harrogate district.

You can read an in-depth history on working men’s clubs in Harrogate written by historian Malcolm Ness for the Stray Ferret here.

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