Plans for Knaresborough heritage hub underway
Last updated Oct 29, 2020
Knaresborough Castle. Credit: Charlotte Gale Photography.

The Knaresborough Museum Association (KMA) has put plans for a heritage hub about the town’s history to Harrogate Borough Council.

The Association is hoping the council will approve its business plan during a meeting next week.

The plan explains how the hub will be used to hold historical exhibitions, bring in revenue and become an education space for the local community.

The KMA has identified a largely vacant building on Castle Yard as the perfect spot to open its hub. The building was previously used as a dance school but is now used by local scout groups.

The group has its hopes set high for the future with plans to open a town museum.

The KMA chair Kathy Allday described the “big dream” would take a lot of funding but it would allow the group to display constant exhibitions and artefacts tracking the town from its humble beginnings to present day.

history exhibition

Visitors to an exhibition hosted by the KMA last year.

The group has run several successful exhibitions about the town. Last year its exhibition tracking the town from pre-historic times to present day had over 1500 visitors over its two weekends.

Kathy said:

“We have the support of local so I am hoping our plan is accepted. We need to celebrate the town’s history, there is so much of it and there are so many exhibitions and stories to be told.

“If the plans were approved the building would need refurbishing and we would have to start fundraising straight away but we have some ideas for that already.”

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It is hoped the group can build the hub’s reputation over time for educational and enjoyable exhibitions about the town and work with local community groups and schools.

The group is hoping that it can have the space open for May 2021 but has said the pandemic could delay that.

Kathy has written a guidebook ‘Our Knaresborough, Our Stories’ to fundraise for the KMA. It tells all of Knaresborough’s history including its archaeology and geology.

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