Plant wildflowers on the Stray, says Green Party
Last updated Sep 29, 2020
A Green Party mock-up of how the Stray would look with more wildflowers.

The Green Party has urged Harrogate Borough Council to plant more wildflowers on the Stray rather than proceed with plans for 60,000 crocuses.

The council called for volunteers this month to plant the crocuses on parts of West Park Stray damaged by last year’s UCI World Cycling Championships.

Rebecca Maunder, chair of Harrogate and District Green Party, has written to the council saying “it is not too late to alter the plans to provide more benefits to biodiversity”,

Ms Maunder said wildflowers, such as native daffodils and snowdrops, would improve the biodiversity and help bees and insects on the Stray.

She added:

“It would be great to see Harrogate Borough Council, with its reputation for quality parks and open spaces, leading a positive response to the challenge of the decline in biodiversity.”

But the council has told her it does not intend to change its plans.

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A council spokesman said:

“We understand the need to encourage biodiversity and already manage a number of native wildflower meadows across the district. The thousands of plants and flowers in our numerous parks and gardens also support this.

“We are also looking at biodiversity as part of our wider horticultural plan for the future.”