Readers’ Letters: Why does everything in Harrogate have to cater to the young?
Last updated Mar 8, 2024

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This letter is in response to a feature written by senior journalist, John Grainger, about why Harrogate is so lacking in fun for young people.

Why does everything have to be aimed at the young? No bowling alley, for example.

Before the alley on Tower Street closed, others and I used to play there regularly – and we were not young! We were at least in our 70s at the time.

M&S is gearing their clothing for the young, and most of the shops in town seem to be geared for the young coffee drinkers who appear to have loads of time to be out and about.

We are all living longer and still wish to enjoy ourselves.

A bowling alley in Harrogate would be great.

Valerie Cooke, Harrogate

Why is the Harrogate taxpayer funding London consultants?

This letter is in response to an article about North Yorkshire Council hiring a London consultancy firm to look at alternative uses for Harrogate’s Convention Centre. The council declined to reveal how much it is paying the firm.

Well, so much for democracy!

The rate payers of Harrogate district paid for a London firm – why London? Leeds is closer and possibly cheaper to consult on the Convention Centre.

Tell us how much you spent of our money.

Who decided to use London consultants? As if London cares about Harrogate. Until, of course, Harrogate decides not to vote the London way.

Gillian Knight, Harrogate

Reservoir parking charges: a pay-on-exit system would be much fairer

This letter is in response to a story about parking charges recently introduced at Swinsty and Fewston reservoirs. It highlights problems with the ANPR system and walkers avoiding paying for parking.

We visited shortly after charges were introduced and ended up receiving a fine.

We intended to only walk round Fewston and thought that 2 hours would be ample for this.

What we had not realised was that, although our walk started at 11am, we had actually got there at about 10.45am to put our boots on and go to the loo etc.

It took us a bit longer than the two hours to complete the walk and then when we got back take our boots off. Our total time spent there was 2 hours and 20 minutes – hence the fine.

How do you know how long it is going to take you to do these walks? Especially if people are taking young children or dogs.

A system that charges on exit time taken would be much fairer and would avoid all this.

I note also that, although the charges have been introduced, the gents and disabled toilets are still out of order after several months.

In an isolated location like this vandalism is inevitable and will happen on a repeat basis I would think. How much is this going to cost?

We are now told we need to pay on the app. But from what we saw most people were struggling to understand the existing equipment – never mind an app.

We also noted on the day we walked that a group of walkers had not used the car park and parked at least 20 cars on both sides of the road in Timble village. Is that what the council wants?

Can you please help us to get this awful decision changed? At least payment on exit please!

Colin Calderwood, Wetherby

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