Red telephone box in Knaresborough transformed into tourist information hub
Last updated Sep 16, 2022
The new phone box tourist information hub in Knaresborough Market Place.

A red telephone box in Knaresborough Market Place has been transformed into a tourist information hub.

Knaresborough Business Collective signed the lease on one of the three traditional K6 phone boxes this week.

It is aimed at being more easily accessible than the town’s existing tourist information centre, which is located in the Courthouse Museum.

And to help it stand out, it has been covered in pink flowers by Louise Ford, from 4 Seasons florist.

The business group, which was formed to encourage more people into town to spend money in local shops, requested the lease earlier this year.

Natalie Horner, one of the founders of the Knaresborough Business Collective, said:

“We have been putting on a lot of events and noticed that advertising to tourists was difficult, as the current tourist information office is not easy to locate and is only open infrequent hours and days.

“For a tourist town like Knaresborough, we thought it would be great to have something local and central that is open all day everyday to display local event information and flyers, posters and leaflets for local attractions and what to do, where to stay and where to eat etc.

“We are hoping this will be a welcome addition to Knaresborough Market Place.

“Lou, from 4 Seasons florist, has decorated it to draw some more attention to it and we are working on shelving for inside as we speak.”

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Florist Ms Ford, who completed the floral display this week, said there was even a family link with Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the architect who designed the red telephone box.

She said:

“He’s actually a very distant relative of mine. I wonder if he’d approve of this one being adorned by my flowers?”

Knaresborough Business Collective is now calling for any flyers for events or tourist attractions to be dropped off at Sid Horner & Son, on Finkle Street, or the Crystal Buddha, on High Street, so they can be put on display.

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