Rigby & Peller in Harrogate – the art of making all women feel beautiful
Last updated Oct 23, 2023

The story is sponsored by Rigby & Peller. 

Wearing beautiful lingerie makes a woman feel sensational. It makes us feel confident in our bodies, no matter what shape we are.

At Rigby & Peller in Harrogate, the manager, Donna Rose and her team understand this and have created a bra-fitting experience that is personal, empathetic and joyful. They understand women, our bodies at all ages and put you at ease. They are masters at knowing which of their beautifully crafted lingerie brands will work best with your shape. There’s never any pressure to buy.

This holistic, female-centred approach has been honed over decades. Rigby & Peller was established in London in 1939 and is famous for its ‘fit by eye’ technique which means there’s not a measuring tape to be found in any of Rigby & Peller’s 45 boutiques across the world.

Donna says the power of beautifully made lingerie that fits perfectly can be transformative:

“Our new collections invite you to celebrate your authentic self, elevate your wardrobe from the foundations up, and help you enjoy your inner glamour. Stunning lingerie is not just for special occasions or gifts – it’s a wonderful way to boost your own confidence whilst ensuring you have that silhouette you’ve always wanted.

“Whatever your shape or personal style, there is gorgeous lingerie waiting to flatter, sculpt and support you.”

Campaign photographs showcasing Andres Sarda Miley set (L) and Marie Jo Etoile set (R)

Now the boutique is combining this personal expertise with an innovative 3D mirror. The mirror takes 140 measurements of a woman’s upper body in less than a minute. It can instantly determine your exact bra size. You can then compare styles using photos and see what style of bra and brand is for you.

Donna, says :

“With assistance from one of our stylists, this unique technology helps you find your perfect bra size, as well as giving you a unique shopping experience.

At Rigby & Peller, we’re committed to evolution and this demonstrates just one of the ways we put our clients’ experience and comfort along with the best fit of the highest-quality lingerie and swimwear.”

Photo of a customer trying on lingerie during a fitting session at Rigby & Peller, using new 3D mirror technology.

Rigby & Peller’s new technology takes 140 measurements of a client’s body to find the perfect fit for its luxury lingerie.

To celebrate this new addition to the Rigby & Peller experience, the boutique on Station Bridge is holding an event on Thursday November 9 between 6pm and 8pm.

Hobbs clothing and luxury skincare brands Temple Spa and La Prairie will also be showcasing their exceptional seasonal products.

To meet Donna and her team and to book your place at this special event, call the boutique on 01423 521613 or email [email protected]


Find out more: 

No appointment is needed at Rigby & Peller, but they are available if your time is more limited.

You can book a free lingerie styling appointment online

To view Rigby & Peller’s latest ranges, visit the shop at 1-2 Station Bridge in Harrogate or head to the website.

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