Ripon garden centre now equipped to look after hearts and flowers
Last updated Mar 13, 2024

Tom Tate has a personal reason for installing a defibrillator at the Ripon garden centre and nursery that bears his family’s name,

The family-run business, which was founded by Fred and Frank Tate more than 80 years ago, faced a worrying time when Tom’s son Freddie — the newest member of the dynasty — was diagnosed with a heart condition after he was born at Harrogate District Hospital two years ago.

Tom told the Stray Ferret:

“It was an anxious time for his mum Sarah, myself and all the family, but the doctors sorted him out and he is a healthy and happy little boy.”

Freddie Tate carrying out an inspection of the family-owned garden centre on his miniature John Deere Gator. Picture: F. Tate & Sons

He added:

“With this experience, it made me realise that heart issues can affect anybody, from new born babies to the elderly and  with the 150,000 plus visitors that we welcome here each year, installing a defibrillator made a lot of sense.

“We have people who come to buy flowers. plants and ornaments for their gardens, or to dine in our Olive Tree restaurant and in addition to this, thousands come in all weathers to the annual charity tractor events that we stage”

Tom’s mum Jayne, pointed out:

“With the newly-installed defibrillator we are equipped to look after hearts as well as flowers and we hope that this gives added peace of mind to people who visit us.”

Tates garden centre is the 24th location in Ripon and the surrounding area to install a defibrillator. All other locations can be found be clicking on this link to the Defibs Ripon Facebook page.

Main picture: Tom Tate with his mum Jayne next to the newly-installed defibrillator

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