Ripon toilets reopen following attack by vandals
Nov 7, 2023

Toilets in Ripon that were closed during the half-term school holidays after being vandalised, have now reopened.

The public conveniences at Minster Place – across the road from the city’s cathedral – were closed for a week.

The extent of the damage was still evident on Monday, when the door to a cubicle in the men’s block was torn off its hinges (pictured below).

Following the vandal attack, the cathedral put out a message on social media, which said:

“Due to repeated vandalism and the need for essential repairs, North Yorkshire Council have temporarily closed the public toilets opposite Ripon Cathedral.”

It is anticipated that the repairs will be completed shortly.

Minster Place is one of four sets of public toilets in Ripon. Facilities are also available at Spa Gardens, the bus station / Sainsbury’s car park and the Wakeman’s House, according to the council website.

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