Ripon’s Curzon cinema finally looks set to reopen
Sep 1, 2021
Recruiting now, Curzon's Ripon Cinema

There are finally positive signs that Curzon is planning to reopen its Ripon cinema, but the company says that the date is not yet known.

The premises on North Street have been closed since the first covid lockdown in March last year.

At present, Ripon is not listed among the 13 locations on the Curzon website, but a recruitment advert in the cinema’s windows suggest it is gearing up for a reopening.

However, when approached by the Stray Ferret about the duty manager position being advertised under the heading ‘We Are Recruiting’ a member of the Curzon customer service team, said:

“I can confirm that we are reopening but we do not have a date set yet for this to happen.”

The duty manager’s role is described by the cinema chain as involving ‘work alongside the general and assistant managers on all aspects of running the cinema.

This is currently the only role in Ripon being advertised on the jobs section of the Curzon website.

The advertisement in the windows at North Street says the company is seeking a person who, among other things, has ‘strong communication skills’ can ‘lead by example to provide top class customer service at all times’ and is willing to ‘act as an ambassador for Curzon at all times.’

Photo of Curzon Ripon

Recruiting, but no confirmed reopening date as yet for Curzon’s Ripon cinema.

The London-headquartered BAFTA award-winning integrated film company was founded in 1934.

Alongside its cinemas, members can view film at their homes through its streaming service.

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As the covid lockdown restrictions on cinemas and live theatre were progressively eased by the government earlier this year, Curzon issued confusing and contradictory statements about its plans for the two-screen Ripon venue, when approached by the Stray Ferret for updates on its plans.

Curzon’s opening in Ripon in November 2013, provided film lovers in the city and the surrounding rural areas, with their first cinema since the closure in 1982 of the Palladium Picture House on Kirkgate.

Post lockdown, those seeking the cinema experience have been able to see films screened at Harrogate’s Odeon and Everyman.

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