Ripon’s YMCA charity shop closes suddenly
Last updated Sep 4, 2023
The shop closed on Friday

The YMCA’s charity shop at the Marshall Way retail park in Ripon has closed at short notice less than seven months after it opened.

The closure was announced on Friday in a brief message posted on the shop’s Facebook page. It said:

“It is with great sadness to announce the closure of our shop. Unfortunately, we had no notice to inform our customers and we ceased trading at 5.30pm today.

“Thank you to all our staff, volunteers, customers and to everyone who donated.”

The Stray Ferret visited the retail park this morning and discovered that all but a handful of items had been removed from the premises, while a handwritten sign on the door thanked customers and pointed out that the closest YMCA shop is in Boroughbridge.

The shop, part of a portfolio of 100 plus YMCA stores in England and Wales managed by the charity’s national retail team in London, opened in February in the unit formerly occupied by Argos.

Staffed by a manager and two assistant managers, with assistance from volunteers, it sold a range of items, including furniture and electrical goods.

The Stray Ferret contacted the YMCA’s London office to ask why the shop had closed so suddenly, what was going to happen to the staff and what was happening with goods that had been donated by members of the public. No reply has been received so far.