Sax player goes viral after performance on Harrogate train
Feb 20, 2024
Brendan Duffy playing on the train. Image: Dianne Pilkington

An unexpected saxophone concert took place on the last train from Leeds to Harrogate last week.

Retired music teacher, Brendan Duffy, 67, was on his way home to Headingley after playing a gig when a hen party noticed his saxophone.

The group convinced him to play a tune, which soon expanded into performances of the Pink Panther Theme and Tequila by the Champs.

Dianne Pilkington, who was a passenger and part of the impromptu audience, captured footage of the performance. Videos were posted to Facebook and TikTok and have amassed over 100,000 views.

Ms Pilkington told the Stray Ferret:

“We spotted his sax case so asked him to play a tune, he was lovely and obliged. The whole train was bouncing and dancing around.

“I just thought I’d video him to show my friends but then decided to share it on Harrogate Host in the hope he’d see it. I wish we’d filmed it all but we were clapping and cheering along instead.

“He made the last train home fly by as we were all enjoying his playing so much.”

Watch the video below:

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