Special touches help Vida Healthcare residents feel at home
Last updated Jul 25, 2023
Vida Grange at dusk.

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Anyone who has supported a loved one living with dementia knows how much time, energy and understanding is required to maintain their wellbeing and quality of life. A dementia journey can vary from person to person and symptoms can also change over time, therefore caring for someone living with dementia can be incredibly complex.

James Rycroft, Managing Director at Vida Healthcare, discusses why specialist care is crucial for people living with dementia and how care home operators can ensure they protect the health and wellbeing of their residents.

About Vida Healthcare

He said:

“Vida Healthcare was established in 2010 with the aim of transforming the care available to people living with dementia. It was clear at the time that the majority of traditional residential care homes simply didn’t have the resources or the expertise to fully support their residents as they progressed on their journey with dementia.

“We set about challenging perceptions and practices in dementia care, with an emphasis on reducing the use of medications and to instead provide bespoke environments and alternative therapies to improve wellbeing and quality of life.”

Vida Healthcare now operates three specialist dementia care homes in Harrogate, which are all rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission as of June 2023.

Vida Hall in Starbeck.

Creating the right environment

When creating a care home, there are lots of aspects to consider. The choice of textures, colours, lighting and multi-sensory equipment can all actively promote a sense of stimulation, while innovative layouts can help to reduce anxiety, frustration and stress.

Memories are extremely precious, particularly for people living with dementia. Every environment and item can be specifically designed to trigger memories and encourage residents to share stories with staff, family and friends.

Different places are important to encourage residents to keep active and improve their mental and physical wellbeing. Gardens and terraces which have been incorporated into our three homes provide safe spaces that can be freely accessed.

Daily life

Care home residents should be encouraged and supported to make their own choices about how they spend their time to maintain independence and wellbeing. We encourage our residents to pursue their own interests and hobbies, socialise with their neighbours and treat the home as their own.

Where residents feel at home.

The passion, positivity and enthusiasm of staff is a key aspect of creating the right environment. Every staff member at Vida has the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to provide the best possible care and help people lead happy and fulfilling lives. We do this through training and practice which is rooted in creative connections.

Friends and family are a big part of life at any care home and communication with families is essential. Vida developed an in house app which offers a digital platform for families to see pictures and videos of their loved ones and life inside our care homes on a daily basis.

Wellbeing & life enrichment

Mr Rycroft added:

“We know that giving people a sense of purpose and self-worth is vitally important to their wellbeing. Whilst we do have wellbeing facilities, it is en-grained in our staff that it is all of our responsibilities to help our residents live a joyful and fulfilled day.

“We are focused on maintaining the independence and dignity of our residents. That might be just helping someone make their own cup of tea, or promoting someone to do simple house tasks like washing up and setting the table. Sustaining those every day tasks that sometimes we take for granted.

“We support our residents to remain a part of the local community and encourage them to get involved in a range of activities. Regular outings to the local town, parks and gardens is a fantastic way of getting residents to socialise and keep active.”

Vida Court opened in 2021.

For many people, a key factor when it comes to choosing a care home is the food. It’s important to offer a choice of delicious meal options that take into account dietary needs and preferences. Offering flexibility is important, from serving residents at regular mealtimes to giving them the choice to eat at different times in their own room.


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