Spofforth after-school club praised by Ofsted
Last updated Jul 25, 2022
Spofforth Church of England Primary School.
The club operates in Spofforth Church of England Primary School

Ofsted has given Spofforth Childcare a glowing report following an inspection.

The education inspectors visited the club, which operates at Spofforth Church of England Primary School on School Lane, in June.

The setting provides before and after-school care for 47 children in term times and during the summer holidays.

Ofsted found that children who attended the setting “behave well and show respect for others” and staff “set clear expectations for children’s behaviour and are good role models”.

It added:

“They offer children plenty of praise and encouragement. This supports children’s confidence and self-esteem.”

“Children thoroughly enjoy their time in this before- and after-school club. They are happy and settled.”

Inspectors also found that the club had effective safeguarding measures in place and have a good understanding of how to identify possible signs of abuse.

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They also said the management team is keen to ensure that all children, including those with special educational needs or disabilities, have their individual needs met.

Responding to the report, Sharon Hoskin, owner, said:

“When Ofsted visit you know every area of your practice will be scrutinised and the inspection was fairly rigorous, but it was fair. We’re delighted with the final outcome because we realise all our hard work and effort is worth it. This isn’t only a positive for staff morale, it’s for the parents and children too.”

After-school and holiday clubs can now only receive a ‘met’ or ‘not met’ rating from Ofsted.

Ms Hoskin added:

“We would prefer the old way of doing it because if you do one thing considered ‘not met’ then the whole thing is graded ‘not met’.

“Not just for us, but for other settings, we always strive to try and get an ‘outstanding’ but we can’t do that now. It doesn’t alter our practice, but it would be nice to be able to achieve that. Quite a few settings who have had ‘outstanding’ can’t get that now.”

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