Stray Ferret Business Awards: Does your business have an Unsung Hero?
Last updated Jan 9, 2023

The Stray Ferret Business Awards 2023 are for businesses across all sectors in the Harrogate district.

In this final week before entries close, we are revealing the last of what our judging panel is looking for when it comes to each of the 10 categories.

Next up is the Unsung Hero Award, which is sponsored by Big Bamboo.

This award is designed to shine a light on those people who are truly the glue of the team.

These people are not only integral to the day to day, but they also bring a personal touch that makes the business that bit brighter.

Those looking to nominate for the Unsung Hero Award need to provide details of the contribution and the impact this person has made as well as details of the person’s background and current position.

Do you know a person that deserves to win the Unsung Hero Award at the Stray Ferret Business Awards? Entries close on January 16. It’s simple and quick, so enter today!

Click here or the banner below to enter for the Stray Ferret Business Awards, sponsored by Prosperis.