Stray Ferret Business Awards: Does your sustainable business practises deserve an award?
Last updated Nov 17, 2023
(L) Envirovent (last year's large business winner) and (R) Resurrected Bites (last year's small business winner). Presented by Claire Frisby and James Farrar from York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub

The Stray Ferret Business Awards 2024 are for businesses across all sectors in the Harrogate district.

Over the next few weeks we will reveal what our judging panel is looking for when it comes to each of the 10 categories.

Next up is the Sustainable Business Award, which is sponsored by the York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub.

This award recognises those businesses that have put sustainability at the top of their agenda.

These businesses are helping drive change and leading the way by reducing their impact on the environment no matter the size of the business. Implementing these practises for small businesses can be a bigger challenge than for larger businesses but every effort makes a difference.

Companies looking to enter for the Sustainable Business Award need to provide details of the changes the business has made, the impact the changes have had on the business and wide community with any details of any planned changes.

By giving vital recognition to those who have sustainability at the heart of their business, we hope others will follow their example.

Does your business deserve to win the Sustainable Business Award at the Stray Ferret Business Awards? Entries close on January 19. It’s simple and quick, so enter today!

Click here or the banner below to enter for the Stray Ferret Business Awards, sponsored by Prosperis.


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