Stray Pets Rescue Club: Ernie, Toby and Amber are looking for a loving home


Last updated Apr 30, 2021

The Stray Pets Rescue Club is our monthly profile of Harrogate animals in desperate need of a loving home. Could you help Ernie, Toby, or Amber? 


Age: Ernie’s passport says he is eight, but he could be older.

Ernie’s story: Ernie arrived at Miss Mollie’s Rescue from Romania, about five weeks ago. The team at Miss Mollie’s think he had a hard life before being rescued. He is stiff on his legs and has a nasty scar on his face, but since arriving in Harrogate he has been taking joint tablets and is improving every day.

Temperament: Ernie shares his kennel with another dog, and likes being around dogs. He has started enjoying walks but his favourite things are rolling in the grass, sitting in the sun, his dinner and his bed.

Ideal home: Ernie would be well suited to an owner who is happy to have short walks. He would love to have a garden and a cosy place to chill out.

If your family has space for Ernie, contact Miss Mollie’s Rescue



Age: 16.

Toby’s backstory: Toby is looking for a long-term foster home. He is currently living alone at Harrogate Cat Rescue, after his owners became unable to look after him. Toby isn’t in the best of health and is suffering from liver disease. He is stable on antibiotics.

Temperament: Toby is an affectionate, laid-back boy. He loves nothing more than sitting on your knee, or watching the world go by from a sunny window ledge.

Ideal home: Toby will benefit from regular, gentle brushing and companionship. All his food and veterinary treatment will continue to be paid for by Harrogate Cat Rescue.

If you could be a foster carer for Toby, contact Celia at Harrogate Cat Rescue on 07749 461042.



Age: Three.

Amber’s story: This labrador cross lurcher’s previous owners lost their home in a fire and could not take her (and her sister Jade) to where they were staying.

Temperament: Amber is incredibly friendly and energetic. She can be bouncy and excitable when she is playing, so will benefit from someone taking the time to train her and take her on lots of walks.

Ideal home: Amber loves to chase small, fluffy things, so needs a secure garden (where she can’t run off chasing rabbits) and a home with no cats. Because Amber is so energetic, she needs to live with adults and older children. She can live with another dog that is happy to be around her lively personality.

If Amber could be the perfect fit in your home, visit Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs. 

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