Stray Views: Let’s see police tackle anti-social behaviour after Remembrance Day withdrawal
Last updated Aug 11, 2023
Stray Views

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How sad to see the deputy chief constable exercising his “lawful” duty and removing police traffic control from some Remembrance Day parades.

However, his new found ability to police anti-social behaviour should rid our pavements of e-scooters, e-skateboards and bicycles.

It also should get rid of the noisy “Hooray Henry” young motorists who speed around the town with illegal exhaust systems ruining our enjoyment of our lovely town.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Mike Hodgson, Harrogate

‘Shame’ over Great Yorkshire Showground fencing

I’m trying to make some sense of the extraordinary decision to fence off the Crimple meadows.  

For 10 years or more this area has, thanks to the generosity of Yorkshire Agricultural Society, been part of the lungs of Harrogate. Whilst I understand the land is theirs to do with as it sees fit, it seems mean-spirited to withdraw this amazing area from the people of Harrogate and beyond with no notice.  

I’m struggling to see what the society gains by doing such a thing – unless its aim was to deliberately upset the huge numbers of people who regularly used the space. The fencing of the area must have cost a fortune.  Money it can hardly re-coup in a hurry by renting the land or by selling sheep, particularly as those sheep will presumably have to be moved on the numerous occasions the fields are used as a car park.

I’ve heard some suggestions that reverting the land to farming might be a prelude to more lucrative development. Can this be true?

The land is theirs and what it does with it is its business. However, the town does have to tolerate the massive disruption the show(s) bring(s) every year — something we are given little choice in.

Robin Thompson, Harrogate

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