Stray Views: Valley Drive parking fines a ‘money spinner’
Last updated Oct 27, 2023
Stray Views

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Valley Drive parking fines are a council money spinner

It is little wonder the council makes so much money from parking fines on Valley Drive in Harrogate as one side of the road permits three hours of parking whilst the opposite side gives only one hour.

It’s fairly obvious that if someone who does not know the road parks on the one-hour side and looks across to the other and sees the three-hour parking sign, they may well think that applies to their side too without checking.

It has always seemed unfair to me that this anomaly could catch many people out. I daresay the council realises the anomaly too but are hardly likely to remedy it when it is such a money spinner.

Carol Trueman, Harrogate

Ripon councillors still dining out on anti-Harrogate rhetoric

Ripon city councillors have dined out on anti-Harrogate antics from 1974 to 2023 — almost 50 years of negative opposition instead of creative engagement — ensuring the continuous election of the same.

How long before they then turn their sights on the new North Yorkshire Council for failing to give them what they want, which is complete control of everything Ripon-related?

The ‘leader’ of Ripon City Council (actually a parish council) — is there even such a role in most parish council standing orders? — was elected as an ‘independent’ but has subsequently decided to support the Conservative councillors on North Yorkshire Council.

John Edmonstone

(Ex-parish councillor nearby to Ripon)    

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Why weren’t pedestrians consulted about Station Parade roadworks?

I was disappointed to see that pedestrians have been given little thought in the redevelopment of Copthall Towers on Station Parade. The footpath along one whole side of Station Bridge is now entirely blocked off.

I walk this way on the school run daily, coming from the direction of East Parade. This obstruction means we have to go clockwise around the roundabout in order to reach the far side of Station Bridge.

This may not seem like a significant detour to some, but try adding a pushchair and early walkers into the mix.

More significantly, it also necessitates crossing two roads which don’t have a pedestrian crossing, one of which has two lanes approaching the roundabout.

Was any thought given to adding temporary pelican crossings at Station Avenue and North Park Road? Or perhaps, giving pedestrians priority over Station Bridge, rather than drivers?

It would be refreshing to see our elected leaders and planning officials put pedestrians first for a change; prioritising greener, more sustainable travel choices and making it easier and safer for people to walk.

It’s already hard enough to navigate the piles of dog excrement, pot holes and parked cars which furnish our pavements so abundantly.

Jessica Eaton, Harrogate

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