The holiday hotlist for 2022
Last updated Dec 27, 2021

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As the cold weather sets in, the temptation to escape is stronger than ever. So, if you’ve been longing for a dream holiday while curled up at home, now is the time to look ahead to the possibilities that 2022 holds.

Whether you’re longing for a luxury island escape or an unforgettable adventure, the expert advisors at Harrogate’s Ventur Luxury Travel explain the top travel trends they’re seeing this year, with their hand-picked destinations to deliver a holiday that’s more memorable than ever.


Europe tops the travel charts

Lesante Blu – Zakynthos, Greece

As many of us count down to a beach retreat, it’s no surprise that Europe, with its close proximity and beautiful sun-drenched beaches, is set to be one of the most popular destinations for 2022.

And proving the most in-demand country by far amongst Harrogate travellers is Greece. In part due to its consistent travel guidelines, holidays in Greece account for a third of all of Ventur Luxury Travel’s 2022 bookings to date, compared to just 2.5% in 2019. Combined with the increase in demand for luxury experiences, beautiful beaches and sunset vistas, it’s easy to see why it’s become the European getaway of choice.

Destination hotspot: Deep dive into the Greek Islands

Maximising the opportunity to travel, island-hopping is a fun and memorable way to experience the unspoiled Greek islands and soak up lots of different places in just one trip – from golden beaches to vibrant cities. And it’s easier than you might think due to the high frequency of inter-island ferries year-round and leisurely cruise-style ferries during the summer months. Whether it’s the pure luxury of Santorini and Mykonos, or the untouched exclusivity of Sifnos or Paros, Ventur Luxury Travel can help build an itinerary that ticks every box.

Long-haul upgrades for a holiday with the wow-factor

Constance Halaveli – Maldives

As confidence has returned, we’ve seen more people booking a holiday with the wow factor. As a result, people are spending more on luxury upgrades, longer holidays, and more expensive destinations, all of which make long-haul destinations and winter sun more popular than ever.

Remote barefoot island experiences also feel very safe. By their exclusive nature, people aren’t in with the masses, which is why destinations like the Maldives, Barbados, and Antigua have been so popular.

Destination hotspot: Discover your own slice of heaven in the Maldives

A picture-perfect slice of heaven, the Maldives is a diver’s paradise, making it ideal for couples and families alike. Pick from 200 islands accessible by boat or seaplane and discover why the Maldives is crowned the queen of exclusive island escapes.

For the best diving opportunities, choose an island with its own house reef. Each island is unique so talk to Ventur Luxury Travel’s experts to find the best to suit your exact requirements.

Making up for lost time with bucket-list adventures

Chitwa Chitwa – Kruger National Park, South Africa

If we’ve learned anything it’s that time is precious and with this in mind Ventur Luxury Travel is seeing more clients looking to make meaningful memories this year, explaining the soaring popularity of unique bucket-list experiences. From swimming with turtles to trekking in the jungle, people are looking for a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip.

Destination hotspot: South Africa

When it comes to adventure, South Africa has it all. Start your trip in vibrant Cape Town, hiking spectacular Table Mountain and soaking up the gorgeous scenery and culture. Wine lovers mustn’t miss an excursion to the stunning Cape winelands; Ventur Luxury Travel recommends Franschhoek due to its quaint village setting, beautiful boutiques and famous wine tram, ready to take you on a unique wine tasting tour!

But when in South Africa, an unforgettable safari is a bucket-list must. Get up close and personal with the ‘big five’ in the famous Kruger National Park, and make these lifelong memories from the comfort of your ultra luxury accommodation. Choose wisely, and you can even have a night to remember sleeping under the stars in the treetops! Not ready to come home after all that? Seychelles is not too far away…

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