The Stray Ferret Business Awards: Top 10 Tips for Crafting an Award-Winning Entry
Last updated Nov 27, 2023

Submitting an award entry is your chance to shine and showcase the brilliance of your business. To help you stand out among the competition, here are ten tips to ensure your submission captivates the judges and secures a well-deserved win.

1. Tailor Each Entry:

Complete a new entry for each category. Specific judges’ criteria demand a tailored approach, so avoid a one-size-fits-all strategy.

2. Embrace Judges’ Criteria:

Read and understand the judges’ criteria thoroughly. Align your entry with these points for each category you’re entering.

3. Conciseness is Key:

Keep it concise and impactful. Long entries risk losing key points. Use headings aligned with judging criteria for easy navigation.

4. Highlight Key Points:

Ensure your key points stand out. Utilise bold statements and headings to emphasise critical information.

5. Supply Supporting Information:

Offer supplementary information where possible, but limit it to five pages. Overloading may not be considered by judges.

6. Compelling Opening Paragraph:

Start strong! Your opening paragraph should grab the judges’ attention with your boldest, most compelling statement.

7. Clarify Your Business Narrative:

Provide a concise description of your business. Don’t assume judges are familiar with your brand—offer a clear and informative overview.

8. Tell a Clear Story:

Craft a clear, engaging narrative. Ensure your submission unfolds as a coherent and compelling story.

9. Confidence in Presentation:

Be clear and direct. Confidently present your achievements, innovations, and impact within the scope of the award category.

10. Showcase Your Best:

Don’t hold back! This is your opportunity to showcase excellence. Boldly highlight your successes, talented team, and the greatness of your business.

Submitting an award entry demands a strategic blend of clarity, conciseness, and impactful storytelling. Present your business in the best light possible, emphasising your unique strengths and achievements.

Don’t hesitate to sell yourself—this is your moment to shine!

Remember, clarity, alignment with judging criteria, and a compelling narrative are your keys to crafting an award-winning entry. Good luck!

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