The York and North Yorkshire mayoral election is approaching – have your say
Last updated Apr 2, 2024

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The York and North Yorkshire mayor will be chosen by residents of the region in an election on Thursday, May 2, 2024.

Once elected, they will serve a four-year term, at which point they can either stand down, or choose to stand for re-election.

The deadline to register to vote is 11:59pm, Tuesday, April 16, 2024. Don’t forget – if you’re voting at a polling station, you’ll need to bring along a valid form of photo ID.

The new mayoral role will be an important addition to the way the combined authority operates – but what exactly does this mean for local people, and why is it important to have your say in May?

What is the role of the mayor?

York and North Yorkshire has a 30-year devolution deal, which will give the mayor £18m a year to invest directly into the region. Once elected, they will then have certain powers and responsibilities, devolved to them by central government.

(Image: York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority)

The aim of the role is to facilitate greater investment to improve transport, boost job opportunities, unlock housing developments and develop training for the regional workforce.

While the full scope of these can be found in the Combined Authority Constitution, these will include:

  • Chairing the Combined Authority Board, working with elected councillors
  • Handling the 30-year Mayoral Investment Fund
  • Overseeing the devolved Adult Education Budget
  • Powers to improve the supply and quality of housing and secure the development of land or infrastructure
  • Powers and funds to improve transport
  • Responsibilities for community safety and the powers to appoint a Deputy Mayor – who will carry out many of the duties currently held by the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

Have your voice heard

(Image: York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority)

The upcoming election aims to appoint a leader to be a strong voice for York and North Yorkshire, and to act as an advocate for the region on a national – and international – stage.

That’s why it is important for you to have your say on who you feel would best represent your views, and your vision for the local area.

No registration, no vote

You must be registered to vote in this election by 11.59pm on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. If you’re voting at a polling station you need to show a valid form of photo ID.

This includes a full or provisional driver’s licence; UK passport and some travel passes such as an older person’s bus pass or blue badge. If you don’t have these you can apply for free voter ID by 5pm on Wednesday, April 24 by visiting the government website.

You can also vote by post and by proxy – where you ask someone you trust to cast your vote for you.

Find out more:

Visit the York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority website at: to find out more about the election and what it means for you. 

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