Vandals damage scarecrow trail in Knaresborough
Oct 28, 2023
Some of the damaged scarecrows. Pic: Knaresborough Business Collective

A scarecrow trail created for children to enjoy during half-term has been vandalised in Knaresborough.

The trail, which began today, encourages people to hunt for 18 scarecrows in the town centre.

But Knaresborough Business Collective, which represents independent traders and organised the initiative, said in a social media post some scarecrows were damaged last night.

It said it was “absolutely heartbroken” but pledged to carry on with the trail.

The group, which was co-founded by Natalie Horner and Annie Wilkinson-Gill, said:

“We have spent weeks planning, two days in the pouring rain putting them all up and businesses have spent a huge amount of effort making these by hand.

“To now have to get up at 7am to come and fix the mindless vandalism some people think is acceptable is so upsetting. Lots of items have been stolen that we now have to spend money on being replaced.

“The Knaresborough Scarecrow Trail is put on entirely by us volunteers and brings so many people in to town and gives families something to do during half term, this is so good for our town and all these people are doing is ruining it before it’s even started.”

The post ended by saying the group would “do all we can to fix them all this morning so you can enjoy the trail”.

To take part in the trail, visit Ye Older Chymist Shoppe on Market Place to buy a £3 map revealing the locations of 18 scarecrows.

Anyone who finds them and fills in a form on the map will then be entered for a £50 prize draw.

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