Village floods as Harrogate district warnings remain
Last updated Dec 8, 2023
Bisho Monkton last night. Pic: Helen Bagnall

Eight flood alerts and warnings remain in place across the Harrogate district this morning after hours of persistent rain.

Many roads and large swathes of land were flooded last night, leading to treacherous conditions.

Last night also saw firefighters deployed sandbags at Killinghall Primary School after some of the building was flooded.

Driving on the A61 between Harrogate and Ripon was particularly dicey, with the bridge dividing Ripley and Killinghall deep in water.

Bishop Monkton, which is between the two locations, was among the worst hit areas as the beck flooded.

Bishop Monkton. Pic: Helen Bagnall 

Bishop Monkton is subject to a flood warning, which was updated by the Environment Agency at 1.30am this morning to say further rainfall is forecast this afternoon and over the weekend.

It added:

“We are monitoring rainfall and river levels and are checking rivers for blockages in the area. Plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers which may be flooded.”

Flood warnings, which are more severe than flood alerts because they indicate flooding is expected and people should act, are also in place on the River Ure at Boroughbridge camping and caravanning site and on the River Nidd at Hunsingore, which is between Cattal and Kirk Deighton.

The Hunsingore warning, updated at 2.20am this morning, says:

“Areas most at risk include The Old Cornmill at Hunsingore. Further rainfall is forecast over the weekend. We will continue to monitor levels closely. Residents are strongly urged to take action now. Remain safe and be aware of your surroundings.”

The Boroughbridge warning says:

“River levels are expected to remain high into the weekend, where further heavy showers are possible. We are closing locks and flood gates in the area.”

Less severe flood alerts are active on the Lower River Ure, the Upper River Nidd catchment area, the Middle River Nidd catchment area, the Lower River Nidd catchment area River Crimple.

Rain died out overnight but the wet weather is forecast to return this afternoon and tomorrow.

Let us know of flooding in your area, Please send updates and photos to [email protected]

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