Village near Knaresborough creates collage to mark jubilee


Jun 3, 2022
Staveley Collage
The crafty women, who created the collage.

A group of women in Staveley have created a collage of the village to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

Glennis Copnall and Lizzie Morrell came up with the idea of doing something as a keepsake for the village, which is four miles north of Knaresborough, as a lasting memento.

Staveley Collage

The Staveley Collage

Villager Julie Smith said:

“Lizzie being very artistic came up with this plan to create the Staveley Collage and several ladies volunteered to make their houses and even the trees.

“We called ourselves the crafty ladies.

“It’s taken a few weeks to do but it looks amazing now it is up on the wall. Each house was done individually and then glued to the backcloth.”

The collage is on display at the village hall in Staveley until 4pm today and tomorrow. There is also footage of the coronation being shown and historical facts about Staveley.

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