What happens to the Bettys Easter Egg after the window display?
Last updated Mar 31, 2024
Bettys 2024 Easter egg. Image: Bettys

Bettys Easter egg is a familiar sight in Harrogate each year but questions have been raised about what happens to the egg after the festivities.

Speculation has been circulating on social media this week as to what happens to the famous egg after the display.

Some Facebook users said the egg is disposed of once the festivities are over, which caused debate as to what should happen to it. Some people argued it should be sold or donated.

The tradition of the Bettys display is more than a century old. The company’s founder Frederick Belmont designed eggs ornately crafted like the ones on display and a tradition was born.

It features hand piped icing designs and contains over 5kg of Swiss chocolate.

The Stray Ferret spoke to Bettys and a spokesperson said:

“We have seen rumors on social media and can confirm the egg wouldn’t be safe to eat, it has been lacquered to prevent it melting and by the end of the display it is all covered in dust. It used to be donated to charity years ago.”

A spokesperson involved in the creation of the Bettys window displays said:

“The eggs and cakes for windows are produced as normal but with artificial colours used for the icing so they don’t fade as quickly as the natural colours we normally. This new lacquer clear spray is relatively new. We have only done a couple of displays with it, but it stops the products degrading in the window but it’s not edible. Some of the cakes are not sprayed and are made out of royal icing or marzipan and sugar paste so they don’t melt. I do vaguely remember the eggs being donated away when I first started but now with health and safety and the new lacquer process sprayed on at the end it’s not possible.”

Bettys Easter window display 2024

Disappointed Bettys fans can still purchase a ‘grande’ egg of their own for £375.

The eggs are made to order and are only available for collection from a Bettys store. Smaller eggs in the display are also available to purchase here.

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