Why Harrogate’s Stuart Perrin set up the UK’s first affordable boutique gym
Last updated Dec 29, 2022
Stuart Perrin, founder and CEO of Coach.

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After operating a health and fitness setting in Harrogate years ago, Stuart Perrin spotted a gap in the market for a luxury gym that doesn’t cost the earth.

The former resident of the town is now the owner and CEO of Coach, the UK’s first affordable boutique gym.

Launching in Leeds in 2020, he went on to open a £1.5m site at Harrogate’s Hornbeam Park in January this year with more in the pipeline.

He said:

“There’s a real gap for a quality product at affordable rates in the town. There was an option to pay a small fortune or next to nothing.

“But there was a huge gap in the middle for people wanting quality but without the high prices.

“Coach itself is a boutique health and fitness concept, which basically means in a nutshell everything is really high-end; fixtures, fittings, experience.

“However, we offer it an affordable price. If you were going to a club like this in London, you would be paying £200 a month. Here you can join for as little as £29.

“It’s something very different and is the biggest gym in Harrogate as well. Since we opened in January, we’ve overtaken every other club from a membership size and perspective quite significantly.”

Coach boasts more than 200 pieces of state-of-the art equipment, as well as over 200 instructor-led fitness classes across four studios.

Surge Padel, where members can play one of the world’s fastest growing sports, can also be found on the first floor.

Mr Perrin added that there was a large focus on providing a female-friendly experience – a segment he feels is under-represented in the current market.

He said:

“Although we’re not a ladies only gym, we are definitely geared towards females when it comes to communication and experience – even down to the lighting.

“The lighting levels in Coach are quite low, a bit like a nightclub. Research went into the exact lighting level we need to achieve to make women feel less self-conscious.”

Since launching in Harrogate on January 21, Mr Perrin said the reception in the town had been “exceptional”.

He said:

“Within that time we have grown the business really fast and it has been really exciting. People come and see the product and unless they want a swimming pool, they wouldn’t join anywhere else. That’s not us being arrogant, I believe the value for money we offer is unrivalled.”

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