Year 12 students keen to get back to education
Last updated Sep 8, 2020

After six months of no school, pupils heading into sixth form seem keen to get back into the swing of things this week.

Having had no proper exams for their GCSEs, students in Harrogate told the Stray Ferret that, while they are nervous, they are just hoping to be able to get back to normal as they start their A-level years.

Year 12 pupil

Year 12 student, St Aidan’s High School, Harrogate

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We spoke to some of year 12s as they were going through the school gates to start their first day at St Aidan’s and St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form and, for some, they were starting a totally new school. One said:

“It’s very nerve-wracking but also very exciting to be able to have that structure back in your life. Years 12 and 13 will be separated and some teachers will be wearing PPE. I’m still nervous what will happen for my A-levels, but we just have to hope it’s all ok by then.”

Another added:

“This is my first ever day at St Aidan’s so I am nervous as I know it will be very different, but I am looking forward to meeting new people.”