Yorkshire Water begins £19m works in bid to improve River Nidd quality
Nov 30, 2023
Killinghall wastewater treatment works.

Yorkshire Water has started work on a £19m project to improve the River Nidd’s water quality.

The scheme, which is taking place at the Killinghall wastewater treatment works on Crag Hill Lane, will see new technologies introduced to remove phosphorus from treated wastewater.

Phosphorus is often found in household products, including washing detergents and shampoo, as well as in land fertilisers.

The company said it is an “essential” part of many ecosystems, however, it can become harmful to humans and wildlife when unmanaged.

As part of the scheme, Yorkshire Water will install 800m2 aerated rush beds, which are described as a “natural solution” for treating sewage during heavy or prolonged rainfall. These will be the first aerated beds installed at any Yorkshire Water plant.

Andy Wilmer, project manager at Yorkshire Water, said:

“We are committed to reducing how much Phosphorus enters the River Nidd and in addition to improving water quality, we’re also improving the natural environment in the area and ensuring our site meets our WINEP targets.”

In a letter to Killinghall residents, seen by the Stray Ferret, the company said the normal sewage treatment process does not remove much phosphorus, meaning much of it passes through the plant and out in the treated effluent.

It added:

“By carrying out this work, we’ll be removing more phosphorus and releasing less into the environment.”

Yorkshire Water hopes the project will lead the company to reduce phosphorus levels in the county’s rivers and seas by 56% by 2025.

The work, which began last week and will take place Monday to Friday, between 7am and 6:30pm, is expected to continue until Spring 2026.

Mr Wilmer added:

“For the duration of this scheme, you may notice an increase in vehicles coming to the site as we take delivery of equipment and materials. Our delivery route will be from Otley Road to Crag Lane and on to Crag Hill Lane.

“We are aware there is a school on this route and for safety reasons have asked that all site traffic avoids school drop and pick up times.”

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