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Last updated Oct 1, 2021
Harrogate Harmony Mens' Chorus

Harrogate Harmony Barbershop Chorus is inviting complete novices to learn to sing.

The group is holding five weekly lessons for £10 aimed at newcomers and people who have not sung for a long time. Men of all ages are welcome.

The lessons start on October 20 and will be held at the choir’s new venue, St. Peter’s Church in Harrogate.

Greg Tunesi, a member of Harrogate Harmony, said:

“Being part of an ensemble, creating a harmony in music and in friendship is good fun, relaxed and informal. When you sing well amongst 16 to 18 other men, it’s an amazing feeling and produces a beautiful sound.”

“Those attending will have singing in four-part harmony explained and demonstrated to them. They will then be guided as to which voice part, tenor, lead, baritone or bass best suits their voice”

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Mr Tunesi emphasised that no experience is needed, nor is it necessary to read music.

Harrogate Harmony has performed regularly at the Valley Gardens since the 1940s to the present day.

Harrogate Harmony members are accompanied by a ukulele when it performs at clubs, societies, and care homes.

The group is open to men of all ages, with yearly membership costing £100.

For more information contact Harold Blackburn on 07949267344 or at [email protected]

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