‘Absolutely sickening’: 20 Christmas trees stolen in Knaresborough
Nov 24, 2023
The trees being prepared and delivered. Pics: Knaresborough Business Collective

A trader who runs a business group in Knaresborough has said she is “absolutely sickened” after about 20 Christmas trees were stolen.

Natalie Horner, co-founder of Knaresborough Business Collective, organises the annual distribution of Christmas trees to shops in Knaresborough. The trees make the town more festive and any left over are given to charity.

The trees had been delivered and were in the process of being sent out this week when burglars struck last night.

In a social media post this morning Ms Horner, whose own commercial printing business Sid Horner and Son was burgled six days earlier, said:

“I cannot believe I’m posting this six days after my shop was burgled. Last night two men came and robbed around 20 trees.

“We are going to do our best to get as many shops done as possible but it means we will be short now and will have to refund some businesses.

“The saddest part is any trees left over every year we donate to charities and people who can’t afford a tree.”

The post said the criminals had also broken festoon lights, adding:

“I’m absolutely sickened somebody would do this and it’s just a constant battle at the moment and we are done in.

“If anybody hears of trees for sale or sees them in somebody’s garden today please message us. Also please check CCTV If you are on the High Street as we believe they left via the bottom end of the High Street.”

It’s not the first time one of the collective, which organises initiatives that boost the town centre, has suffered criminal damage.

Several scarecrows that formed part of a half-term trail for children to enjoy last month were vandalised.

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