Bank machines to be fitted in Knaresborough Library building
Apr 20, 2022
From left to right: Harrogate Borough Councillor Ed Darling who represents the Knaresborough Castle ward, Chief Executive Officer at Newcastle Building Society Andrew Haigh, Town Crier Roger Hewitt and North Yorkshire County Council’s Libraries Manager Chrys Mellor

Banking facilities are set to open in Knaresborough Library this summer that will give people access to numerous banks.

The arrival of a multi-bank transaction terminal will mean personal and business customers of all the major banks can withdraw cash, deposit coins and notes, move funds and pay bills.

Previously announced in March, the branch will be run by Newcastle Building Society, alongside the library and North Yorkshire County Council, in the building on Market Place.

After the loss of Knaresborough’s last bank, Halifax, last year, residents and business owners have had to travel to banks miles away or join the queue of people at the town’s Post Office.

The new terminal, run by OneBanks Hub, will work alongside branch workers who can offer face-to-face advice and private transactions.

The addition of the terminal is a pilot scheme with only one other machine being installed in Newcastle.

Duncan Cockburn, chief executive of OneBanks Hub, said:

“We developed OneBanks Hub to support communities without access to everyday banking. This initiative will help individuals and small businesses continue to do their critical financial transactions without having to travel miles to their nearest bank branch. It is a model that can be replicated in many more locations.”

The county council has said it is unable to give a specific opening date but said it would be this summer.

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There is also a new shared banking hub set to open in Knaresborough by the Access to Cash Action Group.

Under the scheme, a building in Knaresborough will provide help with general banking queries and more specific issues, such as power of attorney and opening accounts.

Representatives from various banks will work in the hub on a rotational basis. The hub itself will be fitted out by the Post Office.

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