Children learn about food at Summerbridge farm
Sep 27, 2021
Summerbridge school visit
Children at Birchfield farm today.

Schoolchildren enjoyed a different kind of lesson today when they visited a Summerbridge farm to learn how food goes from the field to the dinner plate.

The children visited Birchfield Ice Cream Farm as part of a new initiative from Yorkshire Agricultural Society.

The society launched the Farm to Fork campaign to teach the younger generations about farming, food and the countryside.

The children, from Ashfield Primary School in Otley, enjoyed a trailer ride around the farm as the Whitley family, who run the farm, explained how they look after animals.

The children also got to see farm’s cows, pigs and hens up close as well as visit the farm’s dairy parlour to see how ice cream is made.

Sarah Whitley, of Birchfield Ice Cream Farm, said:

“We’ve loved hosting Ashfield Primary School with the Yorkshire Agricultural Society and hope the children have come away with a real insight into how farmers produce food and look after their animals and crops.”

school kids visit summerbridge farm

The children meet the animals.

Ben Nowell, class teacher at Ashfield Primary School, said:

“As a teacher, we try to teach the children to make the best choice they believe in with the information that they have.

“We believe it is important for children to understand where their food comes from and how it is made so they can make informed, healthy decisions for themselves.”

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Today’s visit is one of several organised throughout the year. The campaign was launched by the society during last year’s first lockdown.

Nigel Pulling, chief executive of the society, said:

“It is so important to educate new generations about where their food comes from and our Farm to Fork visits are great opportunities to do exactly that.

“Yorkshire has such a wonderful farming story to share and the earlier we can get this message across to children the better.”

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