Cost of living crisis prompts Boroughbridge café to close
Jun 21, 2023
Boroughbridge Cafe, fourth stones food. It's just closing.
Fourth Stone Cafe serves breakfasts and brunches

A Boroughbridge cafe has announced it will close its doors for good within the next two weeks.

Fourth Stone Café serves breakfasts and brunches on Church Lane.

The business, which has been open for 18 months, posted the news on its Facebook page this week.

It cited the cost of living crisis and rising prices as factors in its decision.

Jack Pinder, the owner, said on Facebook:

“It is with a heavy heart I am having to write this.

“Unfortunately, we will be open for only the next two weeks before closing our doors for good on Saturday, July 1.
“The cost of living crisis and continued rises in cost, have caught up with us and like so many small businesses it means we can no longer continue to carry on.

“This has not been an easy decision to make but sometimes you have to acknowledge when enough is enough, not just financially but also for the good of your own wellbeing!”

The post prompted numerous messages of support. One customer said:

“It’s so sad to see such a wonderful business close.”

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