Do you know where to find your nearest defibrillator?


Apr 21, 2021
Photo of a defibrillator unit
This defibrillator is located at Allhallowgate Methodist Church

For seven years, a group called Defibrillators For Ripon has been installing defibrillators at selected sites in the city.

The sites range from churches to sports grounds.

As the covid lockdown eases, and more people go out to shop, socialise and play sport, the group is keen to raise awareness of where the potentially life-saving units are located and how to use them.

Alec Lutton, of Defibrillators For Ripon, told the Stray Ferret:

“A heart attack or cardiac arrest could happen to anyone of any age at any time, day or night.

“If you find someone having a cardiac arrest, start CPR straight away, phone 999 and once you give the operator your location, they will tell you where the nearest defibrillator unit is.

“Do not leave the person on their own – send someone else for the defibrillator.

“The person sent for the unit, will be asked by the operator for the code on the front of the cabinet, and then given the code to open it and obtain the defibrillator.

“Each has a built-in voice instruction guide, to help you use it.”

Photo of defibrillator unit at Ripon Rugby Club

Ripon Rugby Club is one of 19 locations around the city with a defibrillator unit.

The defibrillators are set to ‘adult mode’, and must be moved to the setting 1-8, if a child is to be treated.

If someone has a cardiac arrest, the unit will buy precious time following the 999 call until a community first responder and ambulance arrives.

The defibrillators have been installed with help, guidance and approval from Yorkshire Ambulance Service, NHS England and Harrogate Borough Council, as well as businesses and sports clubs.

Mr Lutton said:

“Eleven of the units have been purchased through Ripon Lions Club, which has been supporting us since 2015.

“Many people within this wonderful city have made donations or organised fundraising events, including one remarkable woman who raised more than £4,000.”

Further information about Defibrillators For Ripon can be found on the Facebook page Defibs Ripon

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The locations of the defibrillators and their postcodes are:

  • Allhallowgate Methodist Church. HG4 1LG
  • Darnborough Gate. HG4 2TF
  • Grosvenor Park. HG4 1UF
  • Harrogate Road Methodist Church. HG4 1TG
  • Hell Wath, Sports Hall. HG4 2SE
  • The Moors Care Centre. HG4 2SB
  • North House Surgery. HG4 1JT
  • Ripon Bowling Club. HG4 1QW
  • Ripon City Cemetery. HG4 2HH
  • Ripon Farm Services. HG4 1TT
  • Ripon Fire station. HG4 1LJ
  • Ripon Golf Club. HG4 3HH
  • Ripon Grammar School. HG4 2DG
  • Ripon Racecourse. HG4 1UG
  • Ripon Rugby club. HG4 2RD
  • Riverside Village Management Ltd. HG4 1AJ
  • Studley Roger village. HG4 3AY
  • The Unicorn Hotel. HG4 1BP (Reopens 17 May)
  • United Response, HG4 2TS




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