Gothic dancers from Knaresborough seek recruits
Last updated Nov 3, 2023
Medusa Gothic Morris performing in Knaresborough.

A women’s Morris dancing team that wears black and purple and only performs to tunes in a minor key is seeking recruits.

Sally Smith founded Medusa Gothic Morris, which regularly performs in and around Knaresborough, in 2005.

But numbers have dwindled, prompting Sally to issue an appeal for women to join.

Despite the exotic name, she insists anyone willing to give it a go isn’t signing up to a mystical cult. She said:

“We are definitely not goths — we haven’t got lots of piercings or anything like that.

“We adopted the colours just because I just like wearing black and purple and wanted to adopt a gothic, pre-Raphaelite style.

“I wanted the dances to be very flowing and feminine that women of any age can do.”

Sally, who is also a member of Harrogate women’s Morris dancing team Betty Lupton’s Ladle Laikers, said numbers had dwindled to about half a dozen, plus musicians, and urged people to have a go.

No experience is necessary as training is given at practice evenings, which are in Knaresborough on a Thursday evening.

For more details, call Sally on 01423 868753 or email fellow dancer Amy at [email protected].

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