Harrogate-based care provider receives top inspection ratings


Jul 29, 2022
Staff at Carefound Home Care, which is based in Harrogate.
Staff at Carefound Home Care, which is based in Harrogate.

A Harrogate-based care provider has had all three of branches rated “outstanding” by health inspectors.

The Care Quality Commission gave the highest rating for Carefound Home Care and described it as “being a role model to other services”. 

The care provider was founded in Harrogate in 2011 by Oliver Stirk and has branches in Bishop Thornton, Nottingham and Cheshire.

It currently employs more than 130 people.

Oliver Stirk, Managing Director of Carefound Home Care, said:

“It’s an incredible achievement for all of our branches to be rated Outstanding by the CQC and makes us unique in the UK.

“We are so proud of the brilliant people we employ across our teams and this recognition is testament to their compassion, hard work and dedication.”

The company is set to expand its branches to York with a new branch and is also investing in development of the service including in areas such as staff development, digital health monitoring and complex care.

Mr Stirk added:

“We’re incredibly excited as we continue to invest in growing and improving our service at Carefound Home Care, so that we can enable more older people to live a better quality of life at home.”

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