Harrogate district bucks trend of rising covid hospital patients
Last updated Jul 21, 2021
Harrogate District Hospital.

The number of covid patients in North Yorkshire hospitals has increased by 40 per cent in the last week — but just three are in Harrogate.

A media briefing today revealed there are currently 112 covid patients in the county compared with 80 a week ago.

There are three patients in each of Scarborough and Harrogate hospitals, 19 in York and 87 in South Tees.

Coronavirus rates have soared to record levels. Harrogate’s seven-day average rate of infection is now 511 cases per 100,000 people, surpassing the previous January peak. But the number of hospital patients being at Harrogate District Hospital is well below the 67 seen in February.

The North Yorkshire average rate of infection is 570 and the England rate is 520.

Locally, Ripon south and east has become the new covid hotspot, with 69 infections in the last seven days.

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Richard Webb, North Yorkshire County Council’s director of health and adult services told the media briefing of the North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum there had been no cause for celebration following Freedom Day on Monday. He said:

“As we meet today it is quite a bleak and depressing record even though we have had on Monday the lifting of restrictions.

“The current county average across North Yorkshire is 570 per 100,000 and that is the highest recorded figure that we have had in North Yorkshire.

“We have the highest figure we have ever had in Scarborough, higher now than the surge that we had in November.

“So that is quite stark in terms of the situation that we are currently facing.”

Mr Webb added there had been a “significant spread of the virus amongst younger people”. However, case numbers were increasing in all age groups. He said:

“I would ask you to continue to wear your face mask, to keep your hand hygiene and to keep ,where you can, to a distance from other people.

“You may feel confident personally, however, other people may be anxious and they may not feel confident and they may be worried about the spread of this virus.”

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