Knaresborough dog groomers finds new high street home
Jan 6, 2021
Carol Scanlan outside her shop, Carol's Bonnie Dogs
Carol Scanlan outside the current premises for Carol's Bonnie Dogs in Knaresborough.

A Knaresborough dog groomers is relocating along the high street at the end of the month — but has assured customers its much-loved dog window will remain a feature.

Carol’s Bonnie Dogs is known locally as the “one with dogs in the window”.

The owner, Carol Scanlan, doesn’t put the dogs in cages after being groomed but instead allows the animals to sit by the window as they wait to be collected.

She says the owners, as well as passers-by, like to see the dogs relaxing after pamper sessions.

The groomers is currently at 63 High Street but has been granted approval to relocate to the more spacious 44 High Street.

Ms Scanlan has been based in Knaresborough for three years and said business is going from strength to strength:

“A couple of local groomers closed down and we were being recommended. I’d say it’s tripled in the past three years.

“We needed more space and with the new place being next door to the pet shop it was a perfect match.”

44 High Street, Knaresborough

Ms Scanlan hopes to move into the new shop, 44 High Street, at the end of the month.

Ms Scanlan currently employs two groomers, including one who started doing work experience from Askham Bryan College, as well as a part-time weekend member of staff.

She hopes to grow her team this year if business continues to get busier.

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Dog groomers are allowed to stay open during this lockdown. Ms Scanlan said:

“After the first lockdown I was appalled at the condition of some of the dogs. I even sent an email to the Prime Minister. It was a massive relief to hear we can stay open.”

She hopes the groomers can move at the end of this month, with minimal disruption to the business.

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