Knaresborough GPs operating at ‘clinical capacity’


Last updated May 13, 2022
The town of Knaresborough, Harrogate

GP practices in Knaresborough are operating at “clinical capacity”, according to clinical commissioning group managers.

NHS North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group, which commissions GP services in the area, recently reviewed the average number of patients to full time GPs in the town.

Details of the review emerged when the CCG recently objected to a new housing development on the site of the former Trelleborg factory on Halfpenny Lane in Knaresborough.

Nick Brown, senior planning and capital officer at the CCG, said in a letter to Harrogate Borough Council that the impact of any further housing developments would be “very significant”.

He said:

“NHS North Yorkshire CCG has recently undergone a review of the GP primary care estates in Knaresborough, consulting with all the GP practices and the Knaresborough and Rural Primary Care Network (PCN) with responsibility for providing services in this locality.

“The confirmed consensus is that the practices are currently operating at clinical capacity in relation to the average number of patients to full-time GP ratio, compounded by existing limitations with internal clinical space.”

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Mr Brown added:

“The existing GP surgery premises in Knaresborough are currently operating at capacity and the impact of any further local housing development on health services and health infrastructure is very significant.

“The existing health infrastructure cannot absorb the further pressure on delivery of services arising from the housing development.”

On Tuesday, Harrogate Borough Council granted permission to developers Countryside Properties to build 64 homes at the former Trelleborg site on Halfpenny Lane, which closed in 2016.

The CCG asked for £75,937 from the developers to fund improvements to services in the area. How much will be given is to be negotiated.

The CCG made a similar objection in March to plans for new retirement apartments on Wetherby Road in Knaresborough.

It said it was “extremely concerned” that another care facility could increase the elderly population and “overload” local services.

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