New lighting being installed outside Harrogate church
Last updated Feb 29, 2024
Holes in the ground at St John's Church Bilton
Bollards are being erected.

New lighting is being installed on the driveway to a Harrogate church. 

Ten low level lighting bollards are being placed along the grass at the side of a pavement leading to St John’s Church in Bilton.  

Simon Dowson, rector at St John’s, said: 

“Currently the church drive is badly lit and particularly in winter it is not an inviting approach.

“We hope the new lighting will rectify this and prove to be of considerable public benefit since the footpath is a popular thoroughfare for pedestrians between Bilton Lane and Crab Lane. It will also be of benefit to the many users of the church and church hall.” 

Preparatory work has been carried out this week, creating unsightly holes in the grass that have left nearby residents such as Sarah Shaw, whose home overlooks the church grounds, concerned about the visual impact of the bollards. Ms Shaw said: 

“We had no idea what the holes were for and only found out from a workman on the site earlier this week that bollards with lights were being installed. I can’t imagine why they would put them there. I’m so upset, it will totally ruin the view.” 

But Mr Dowson said the lamps would be hooded and directional to limit the light shining towards the houses on Elm Tree Avenue. He added that a planning application for the work had been submitted and a public notice had been on display on the front of the church for 28 days during January, with no objections received. 

The work is due to start on March 4, weather permitting, and is being paid for through the local authority commuted funds budget set aside for projects that have a public benefit. 


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